Facility Management

“An integrated approach to maintaining, improving and adapting the building of an organization in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of that organization.” – Peter Barret & David Baldry, “Facilities Management”


Workplace design

The stereotypical corporate workplace has often been portrayed as space cubicle that drains creativity and prevents collaboration. In many ways, such traditional corporate offices, with their uninspiring interior and segregation are a thing of the past.



ARCHIBUS — the #1 solution in the world for Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management (TIFM), provides the most proven, complete and integrated solution to support strategic decision-making and lower the total cost of operations.


About us

The company Arctis d.o.o. offers consulting services in business interior design, as well as active managing a project performance, from space reconstruction to moving all resources of an organization. Our experienced team of civil engineering and architectural professions has got a couple of successful projects at this field of business. Additionaly, we provide facility management services, and offer a software solution ARCHIBUS as a complete tool for infrastructure and asset management.



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+385 (0)1 37 60 480
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