Technology Extensions

Technology Extensions

Smart Client Extension for Revit®

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has enabled a richly detailed and collaborative approach to the way buildings are designed and constructed. What it lacks, however, is a way to easily scale to the portfolio-level and connect with business data. ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for Revit addresses that need with a true BIM 4.0 application designed from a facility manager’s perspective. It provides quick access to Revit graphics and COBie information using Web Services to connect Revit models to ARCHIBUS enterprise data. This gives users a 4-dimensional view of an organization and its processes. In addition, the Smart Client Extension implements rules and workflows that coordinate the bi-directional data exchange and updates the BIM model itself, to keep everything in-synch.

Fast ROI, Easy Transition to BIM 4.0

The ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for Revit overcomes the limitations and complexity of using Revit alone by integrating Revit directly into a larger BIM 4.0 project model. The Extension is a small plug-in that loads into Revit in seconds. It connects a Revit model immediately to the ARCHIBUS enterprise database – wherever it is – using Web Services. This quick implementation delivers rapid ROI as managers can easily access and integrate facilities information and processes with their Revit data and graphical objects. Users gain a more accurate picture of their organization to help improve their asset management posture.

Integrate All Space Management Functions with BIM

The Smart Client Extension for Revit allows users to take advantage of purpose-built facilities management tools to deliver the results needed to support the organizational mission. With one click, users can connect an entire Revit model to their space management data and manage BIM spaces immediately.

Link Building Lifecycle Management to Strategy

To create direct connections to building operations-related workflows, the Smart Client Extension for Revit can put BIM data to work immediately to document and support a range of vital operational needs. Again, one click is all it takes to integrate data in the ARCHIBUS repository with the BIM model.

One Click Links BIM to ARCHIBUS Applications

To easily manage a potentially huge repository of BIM data, the Smart Client Extension for Revit links easily to many of the most popular ARCHIBUS applications. By implementing the Smart Client Extension, one can use the data and results from Revit without delay, translation or re-entry, in any of those applications.


  • Provides an intuitive, graphical bi-directional link to Revit using Web Services, enabling an easy, incremental approach in transitioning to BIM technology
  • Supports all facility management elements in BIM models
  • Puts BIM data to work immediately for building operations-related processes
  • Connects seamlessly to ARCHIBUS applications for increased productivity and data accuracy

Activities and Reports

  • One-click connection of an entire Revit model to enterprise data
  • Automatic, bi-directional updates of enterprise and model data
  • Configurable rules to match a BIM Execution Plan
  • Automatic updates of areas when the Revit model changes
  • Simultaneous updates of asset locations when inserted within Revit
  • Access to Revit Architecture and Revit MEP data and graphics from anywhere over the Web, in seconds

Use the bi-directional synch feature to incorporate database-driven business information, such as space allocation by department, from ARCHIBUS within your Revit model.