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The best big idea is only going to be as good as its implementation. - Jay Samit

With a prescriptive implementation approach, modern technologies and leveraging industry best practices, we will deliver a faster project deployment and a reliable return on your technology investment.

The implementation projects run by our experts, with a stone-solid foundation in implementation standards, following the different solutions combined best practice methodology, developed and improved during decade's worth of projects experience.


ARCHIBUS implementation can be a standard (Commercial of the shelf – COTS), fully customized one (adapted completely to the client's needs), or within a balanced ratio of both. Customized implementation services usually include several steps, first of them being request analysis, in which the current and future organisation functionalities, processes, workflows, reporting and surveying needs are meticulously analysed, laying foundation of data inputs for the process of planning the future implementation.

Design document in the planning phase describe the technical and functional architecture of the solution to be implemented, later referred in the customization phase.

Within the development phase, necessary functionalities, tailored adaptations, specific workflows, customised interfaces and reports are being developed with all the necessary conditions for the fulfilment of the production phase, as well as data preparation and data migration from the previous/legacy solutions, testing phase, personalised trainings and establishing the production environment.

A crucial aspect for the success of any implementation is related to data conversion. Critical concern is not only linked to adapting the solution to the specific business processes and requirements of the customers, but also in assisting the customer to capture, organize and standardize the fore mentioned information. After the data take-over, ARCHIBUS solution becomes the company repository for all the assets data and moreover, an internal knowledge system, comprising of roles, procedures, workflows, and processes.

ARCHIBUS can also be integrated with other ERP applications such as Human Resources, Financial, and Security systems, BMS and BEMS, as well as BIM and IoT solutions, to increase functionality and productivity and outline the holistic approach. We excel at our ability to implement the powerful ARCHIBUS integration tools that bridge divisional and departmental solutions, ultimately adding value to everyone's work.

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Some of our usual activities include:

  • Defining the implementation scope, goals and procedures
  • Reviewing current-state business processes and legacy solutions
  • Defining system architecture, configuring and supporting system implementation
  • Migration of data from the other solutions/systems
  • Applying pilot project implementation procedures
  • Reflecting on and continuously optimizing the processes
  • Supplementing existing solutions with additional implementation projects
  • Establishing regular meetings on the status and progress of the implementation
  • Reacting flexibly and dynamically to changes and new requirements
  • Providing of dynamic environment that promotes individual strengths and collaborative collaboration
  • ...