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project management

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. - Halford E. Luccock

From initial deployment and day-to-day optimization to big picture thinking and proactive strategizing, our experts are ready to provide the depth and breadth of experience necessary turn vision into reality.

Our experienced project managers know the challenges and possible solutions for the complex project challenges in Corporate Real Estate, Asset Management and Facility Management professions. We support our customers with the project management and project coordination services during those projects.


With a prescriptive implementation approach, using modern technologies and leveraging industry best practices, we @Arctis focus on delivering a faster project deployment and a reliable return on your technology investment.

While combining, dependant of the project type, two of the most common project management approaches (waterfall and agile), for the solution implementation and development projects we most commonly utilize agile project management practice.

Agile project management is an incremental and iterative practice with regular feedback intervals, promoting adaptability throughout the product development or implementation process, allowing regular and high-impact releases that enable delivering a series of wins over time.

On the other hand, waterfall project management approach follows a linear, sequential formula of project phases execution that do not advance until each phase receives final approval, which can prove difficult and costly to revisit a previous phase, rendering implementation or development project less adaptable and flexible.

Applying an agile mindset to ARCHIBUS solution implementation and development requires focusing on agility and adaptability in delivery. This translates into multiple go-lives and strategic iterations, with on-time and on-budget emphasis.

Our strategy, when delivering products & implementation projects, is using the agile project management approach as the most effective practices when adaptability and agility are required. Together with our customers, we have established project processes that are based on best practice standards, while simultaneously leaving plenty of room for tailoring and customization, based on individual organisations specifications.

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Some of our usual activities include:

  • Analysing the organisation needs closely with the client
  • Planning projects adaptively
  • Defining concepts and work details
  • Managing projects of different scope and size
  • Providing assistance, educating clients through training courses and workshops
  • Establishing regular meetings on the status and progress of the project
  • Reacting flexibly and dynamically to changes and new requirements
  • Orientating towards budget requirements and adhering to schedules
  • ...